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Why Everybody Is Not Your Target Market

why everybody is not your target market

Why Everybody Is Not Your Target Market

Everybody is not your target market.

why everybody is not your target market

Why EVERYBODY is not your target market.

You’ve just started your brand spanking new home business. You are excited about your product and your opportunity.

In MLM the first thing they tell you is “Make a list of everybody you know” and then tell you to start ticking off the people on the list to build your business.

After about the 50th person who has said “good luck with your pyramid thingy but no thanks” you are starting to have doubts.[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasteryorg” layout=”standard” align=”left”]

So you go on Facebook and spam your own timeline with ads and go to other pages like “for sale” pages and spam those too.

People start unfriending you and you get booted off pages for spamming.

What’s the deal here? Can’t they see how great this is? My product cures everything right down to ingrown toenails and the matrix is brilliant. Why isn’t it working out like I was promised?

OK, the first problem was “make a list of everybody you know”.

You immediately assume that “EVERYBODY” is your target market.


Have you seen advertising on magazines? First of all, there’s the name of the magazine, Vogue, Women’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens, Playboy, Ebony. All of these shout out what people will find in their magazines.

Then you look at the headlines, “Treat yourself to Princess Diana’s Silver Shoes”, “21 Ways to being chic”, “Sumptuous feasts for the holidays”, “Playboy interviews Donald Trump”, “Our new civil rights fight”.

Are they targeting everybody. Nope. They have a specific defined market that they are targeting. You wouldn’t go looking for a naked centerfold in Better Homes and Gardens (except maybe a naked garden). And you wouldn’t go looking for Sumptuous Feasts in Vogue. Whom do you thing would by a magazine called “Wooden Boat”?[mlsp-cta campaign=”sixfigurebizbuilder” layout=”standard” align=”left”]

And on television, are they targeting everybody in an automobile ad? Compare a Jeep ad with a Lexus ad. The Jeep ad features mountains, rugged terrain, wild animals and people dressed in plaid shirts and jeans. A Lexus ad is filmed in a bustling city with pretty girls is tight dresses and successful looking men in well-tailored expensive suits. Can you guess who Jeep is targeting? How about Lexus? Then there’s Subaru, all family all the time.

Now think about your MLM. Who is your target market? Is it Aunt Suzie or Cousin George? Maybe, if they meet certain criteria. Everybody is not your target market.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would they use the product I’m offering? Not, should they use it but WOULD they and would they pay for it.
  2. Who has already bought from me or has purchased similar products?
  3. Where do people who might be interested in my products hang out on social media and locally.
  4. What would be their day-to-day concerns?
  5. How would my product help the people I have defined?
  6. Are they interested in the product or the opportunity or both?
  7. Would making purchases be a hardship for them?
  8. Are they truly interested?

Everybody is not your target market. If you spend time and money trying to sell to people who will never be interested, your time and money is wasted.

Big companies spend millions of dollars investing in defining their target markets so their advertising dollars succeed in reaching the people who would buy.

Just because you’re a one-man band so to speak doesn’t mean you should think any differently.

Do some research and figure out your target market. Your time will be better spent. You won’t annoy friends and relatives and you will achieve success.

Don’t let anyone tell you that everybody is your target market.

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  • Anita Hales

    March 15, 2016 at 7:49 am

    Great post and excellent 8 questions! Like you said not everyone is out customer and we have to dial in which we are targeting! Thanks for sharing!

      Anita Hales

      March 15, 2016 at 7:56 am

      Thanks Zach.

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