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Things Learned About Success From The Princess Bride

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Things Learned About Success From The Princess Bride

Things we can learn about Success from the Princess Bride

Things We can learn about success from the Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a wonderful, fanciful movie about true love, trials, overcoming evil, endurance and tenacity.

It’s been a favorite of my family for years. I recently watched the movie again and realized that there is really a lot to this romantic fantasy comedy.

We love it not just because it’s entertaining but because it teaches enduring values and things that help us in our daily lives.

Network marketers can learn a thing or two from this movie to be more successful.


As You Wish

The hero, Westley, quietly serves the woman he loves granting her every desire with his famous words, “as you wish”.

No questions, he just does what she asks. Eventually, she comes around and realizes that he loves her and that surprisingly, she loves him too.

So, for network marketers, the message is clear, serve your prospects and give them value. More importantly, really care about them and they will feel it. If you are serving just to get something from them, they will know. Care about the people you serve. As you wish.


Guide My Sword

The swordsman, Inigo Montoya, spends his life learning all he can about becoming the best swordsman in the world to get revenge on the man who murdered his father.d5b3278dfc1a8f62bc89d7bfb8c0709e

Of course, revenge isn’t the message here. The real message is that if you want something bad enough you will learn all you can to prepare for it and seek it tirelessly.

He eventually does meet the murderer and gets his revenge but then says that because he has been so consumed with meeting that goal, he doesn’t know what to do with his life next.

It’s always good to update your goals and keep them beyond what you can reach so you never quite attain them. When one goal mark is reached, make sure you have the next one in line.


Not all dead, only mostly dead

Miracle Max, is a miracle worker who lost his faith in himself. When presented with the “nearly dead” Westley, he tries to get out of doing his job by quibbling over the worth of the project. When he discovers that by performing the miracle, his nemesis will be humiliated, he suddenly re-discovers his power.193425c787911179faa234a5ae039caa

Miracles are always dependent on your faith they will actually happen. Having faith in yourself is the best way to make yourself the miracle worker. It’s really easy to get discouraged and doubt you have the power to accomplish your miracle. Sometimes it takes someone else’s faith in you to re-awaken your own faith in yourself.

For a network marketer, this is huge. Having faith that you can succeed marks the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.


You Mock My Pain

And finally there’s Buttercup who decides that death is preferable to living a life she has no control over. Being forced to marry Humperdinck is more than she can bear. She does not love him and he has nothing to offer her. He has lied to her. Her dreams are dark and make her feel guilty that she is betraying the man she really loves.5974832af726619a439605ef786b1711

Now, suicide is never a good answer to anything. But Buttercup’s devotion to her true love makes it so that any other outcome is unacceptable. She sees no other options (even though there probably are several). It’s not good to limit your options.

What she doesn’t realize is that between her determination and that of Westley, things have been set in motion to make their dream of a life together a reality.

No matter how hard other forces combine to change the outcome, Buttercup and Westley attract the people and circumstances they need to make what they want happen. There can be no other outcome.

In marketing, you must decide that you will succeed and that there can be no other outcome. Forces will combine to make it happen. You will attract what you believe. Your miracle will happen.


The Greatest Kiss of All Time

And then there’s the greatest of all kisses at the end.0591861fd319491fb8815f50552c2b85

It’s a great story. It teaches wonderful values and morals. It also teaches belief in yourself and miracles.

When you get discouraged, just go watch it for some inspiration.

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