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How to Make a Podcast

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How to Make a Podcast

I use podcasting all the time. It’s easy and quick and does a lot for your branding. It shows that you are a real person with a real voice and not just some automated robot.

Some online marketers make a lot of money with podcasting. There are ways you can promote your blog using podcasting, iTunes and Soundcloud and get a following of dedicated leads for your business.

It’s yet another way to monetize your blog.

In a future blog post I’ll show you how to link your Soundcloud to iTunes and how to start an iTunes channel.

Podcasting came naturally to me as a former radio broadcast journalist. I have been able to use my knowledge and skills in podcasting.

Another advantage of podcasting is that you don’t have to be on video. Granted video is an excellent format for branding and promoting your blog and business and podcasting can’t be a substitute for it.

But if you are shy about being on video, this can be a baby step to give you the confidence you need to do your video.

Also, it’s a really great way to post some powerful content when you are having a really bad hair day. Yes, that happens.

Podcasting is also really great for focusing on mobile targeting. It’s really easy to put on a podcast while you are driving to listen to in your car. I don’t know about you but I do it all the time. People who subscribe to your Soundcloud or iTunes channel can listen to it while they go to work every morning. It’s a really great format. You can also listen to it while you shower in the morning.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this short video and let’s see some podcasts out there.

Post a comment with a link to your new podcast on Soundcloud so we can all check it out.

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  • Anita Hales

    January 13, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Great tutorial on how to make a podcast!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Dr. Lisa

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