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Fine Tuning Your Target Market or Avatar

Fine Tuning Your Target Market or Avatar
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Fine Tuning Your Target Market or Avatar

Fine Tuning Your Target Market or Avatar

Fine Tuning Your Target Market or Avatar

Before embarking on any promotion, you need to know one very important thing:

Who is your target market? You should pay attention to Fine Tuning Your Target Market Or Avatar.

Some people call this their AVATAR. It’s really the same thing only calling it an avatar implies giving it a face and identity.

So for the purpose of this post, I’m going to call it AVATAR.

There are several things to consider when defining your AVATAR. And this is crucial to your success in advertising.

You want to be as focused as possible and avoid generalities.

Your market isn’t “everybody”. If you try to target everybody, you end up targeting nobody.

Too many people say their market is “stay at home moms” or “like-minded people”. A real trendy one now is “heart-centered entrepreneurs” or “Christian entrepreneurs”.

These are WAY too broad. You’ve got to narrow it even more.

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  • What brands do they follow? If they are into health and wellness products, what things do they buy? What brand of golf clubs do they use? What is their favorite method of travel?
  • Where do they hang out online? Are they Facebookers? Twitterbirds? Instagrammers? YouTubers?
  • What are their wants and needs and pains? Is there something in their lives that drives them? Do they have an unfulfilled need? What gives them mental pain?
  • What is the most important thing in their lives? Is it family? Their cat? Their car? Politics?
  • What books and magazines do they read? Do they read a lot of self-help books? Do they subscribe to “Forbes” or “Sports Illustrated”? What news channels do they watch? What newspapers do they read?

Once you’ve defined those things you can go further.

  • What are the main 3 problems your AVATAR is having? His frustrations and challenges? Go farther than just saying he needs money. Why does he need it?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if he doesn’t solve his problems?
  • How does that make him feel in his relationship with others?
  • What are the emotional, financial and social consequences of not having his needs met?
  • What keeps him from sleeping at night?

Once you’ve defined your AVATAR, you can then fashion your promotion to fit his needs.

I saw someone that actually had a picture of a person, gave them a name and whenever they produced any content whether an ad or a blog post, they asked themselves, “What would Bill want or need to hear.”

So I’ve done this myself and it really helps me focus on meeting the needs of my AVATAR.

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