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Become an Email Marketing Rockstar- 14 Proven Subject Lines

Become an eMail Marketing Rockstar - 14 Proven Subject Lines

Become an Email Marketing Rockstar- 14 Proven Subject Lines

Become an email marketing rockstar- 14 proven subject lines

Become an Email Marketing Rockstar- 14 Proven Subject Lines

One of my first jobs was doing “paste-up” at a newspaper. This was before there were computers and we had to print copy, put it through a machine that put sticky wax on it and then hand paste it onto the page to be printed.

Become an email marketing rockstar- 14 proven subject lines

Jan Rodger does the tedious paste-up process, placing each story, headline or pre-scanned photograph on the page as specified on the page dummy.

I was putting together an ad for the local theater and as I was taking apart the old one and making the new one, there was a line that said, “Not for children”. Well I was putting together an ad for a Disney movie. I thought it would be funny for the proofreaders if I stuck the “Not for children” across the middle of the ad. Well, it was missed by the proofreaders and was published. Of course there was a retraction posted and I got chewed out. But oddly enough, it resulted in more attendance at the theater showing. Apparently it got some attention.

The Emails you send to your list are important. They are the things that result in sales success. But people who subscribe are whimsical things. They may subscribe just to get a freebee or out of curiosity. But most originally have an interest in what you offer. It’s your job to keep them engaged and interested.

But it’s hard to do that if your emails are remaining unread, ignored, unsubscribed or even worse, called “spam”.

The numbers are pretty industry standard. 100,000 emails with a 10% open rate with 15% of the subscribers clicking gets you 5% sales or 75 sales.

If you can double the open rate to 20%, that means you will have 300 sales.

Doubling your open rate results in a 400% increase in sales.

Getting a good open rate is critical to your success in sales.

You can become an email marketing rockstar by using these 14 proven subject lines.

Here is a list of 14 types of headlines you should be using starting with the best.

  1. Why? Why do cats purr? Why you should never sleep naked? Etc.
  2. Number Headlines. The bigger the better. 1,000,000 subscribers can’t be wrong. $10,000 per Day system anybody can use.
  3. Benefits. Diet Pills that actually work. Women will flock to you if you know this secret. Become an email marketing rockstar- 14 proven subject lines
  4. Question. Would you ride on one of these? Why are you still struggling with debt? You won’t be able to un-see this [pic].
  5. Testimonial. How I make $5,000 per day blogging. How to cure diabetes naturally. 400 lb. woman dates only super-jocks.
  6. Fascination. Weird sea monster discovered in Idaho lake. The NY Times best headline of all times was “Weiner Exposed”. Elizabeth Taylor’s Hidden Secret. Major Viking Site Discovery Will Blow Your Mind.[mlsp-cta campaign=”copywritingmastery” layout=”standard” align=”left”]
  7. Target. Attention Medicare Recipients. Ladies Only. Liberals Only, Please Read.
  8. Personalized. Use their name in the email headline. Dick, Here’s The Information You Need To Cure Diabetes. 1122 Roundabout Circle Delivery Attempt. Is your number still 222,111,2345? sarah@email.com, I didn’t get a reply.
  9. Lists. 23 ways to get more blog visitors. 7 best diet foods. Beware of these 4 dangerous hidden food additives. 4 Best Coffee Makers [hint there’s really only 1].
  10.  Seasonal. 10 best Christmas gifts she’ll love. 5 things to know about Halloween. 3 best chocolates for Valentine’s day.
  11. News Headlines. What would a Trump presidency do to your business? NFL proposes ousting Seahawks. O’Reilly ponders retirement.
  12. Anger. Impeach Obama NOW! Why stupid people determine who sits in the White House. Illegal immigrant murders mother of 4.
  13. Scarcity. G-O-N-E at midnight tonight. Only 4 seats left. This is your last chance.
  14. Positive Words. Use these words in your headlines: Exclusive, Free Delivery, Gift, Latest, New, Sale, Alert, News, Video, Update, Breaking, Limited, Review. NEGATIVE WORDS DO NOT USE: Free, Only, Learn, Report, Today, Webinar, Win, News, Forecast, Subscription, ?, Discount, Trial, Facebook, % off.

I’d like to thank Digital Marketer for this list. They are a go-to source for trusted information.

All of the points on this list have been tested and tried.

I hope that this will help you become an email marketing rockstar by using these 14 proven subject lines. But also use this information when making headlines for your blog posts.

If you found value, please leave me a comment and share.

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  • Anita Hales

    February 24, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Subject lines are huge in building your business

  • Anita Hales

    February 25, 2016 at 2:54 am

    Great post Anita! Right words are very important. Thank you for sharing this!

    Anita Hales

    February 26, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Excellent headlines! Thank you for sharing. Very helpful 🙂

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