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A date to prom or doing successful marketing

Are you asking for a date or doing successful marketing

A date to prom or doing successful marketing

A date to prom or doing successful marketing?


Are you asking for a date or doing successful marketing

Are you asking for a date or doing successful marketing?

I was in high school back in the “olden days” when dating was a traumatic experience. Girls never asked for a date. It was always up to the guys to ask for a date.
The guys would work up the nerve to ask a girl to go to prom. He’d be nervous, afraid of rejection, sweating and feeling the fight or flight syndrome. If a girl said no, he’d have to do it all again for the next girl.
For girls, we’d sit around waiting for someone to ask us. We’d try to be in the vicinity of the guy we wanted to ask us and drop subtle or not so subtle hints about prom hoping they’d get it.
If nobody asked us, we didn’t go.
Happily, things have changed a little and girls feel freer to ask for the date instead of waiting for the guy to ask. It’s a nice cultural change.
But what’s this got to do with successful marketing?
Let’s say you are promoting your super jungle juice and trying to build a sales team for your MLM.

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The first few times you talk to people about it, you’re like the guy asking for a date to prom. You’re nervous, afraid of rejection, sweating, feeling fight or flight syndrome.
If your prospect says no, you have to do it all over again or maybe you just give up and think “this will never work for me”.
But, like the guy who asks another girl and another until he gets a date, it gets easier every time you talk to someone. Eventually someone says “yes”.
How about the old school way with the girls?

You have your jungle juice and buy extra to sell to customers but you post on Facebook that you have this neat stuff but you don’t ask anybody to try it. Just like the girls hanging around the guys hoping for a date.
You don’t ask anyone if they want to join your team. You sit and wait for people to come to you.
How much success do you think you’re going to have? You’re probably not going to get a date to the prom.
The guys learned some valuable skills in asking for dates. They learned that if one person says “no” there is probably somebody who will say “yes” somewhere out there.
While us girls are still waiting for the date.
Affiliate sales are similar. You work on getting your list of prospects but if you sit and wait for them to buy, you won’t get many sales. You’ve got to ask them. Work your list with communication and offers. Most importantly, you’ve got to ask them for the “date”. They can’t say “yes” if they don’t get asked.
And remember that it’s OK for the girls to ask as well as the boys.
So let’s all get dressed up and go to the prom. Go ask for a date.

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  • Anita Hales

    March 8, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Great analogy. I was so nervous asking out my first girl friend. And I was so nervous talking to my first prospect. I’m still kicking though 🙂

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