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8 Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Blog Posts

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8 Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Blog Posts

8 Ways to get more engagement on your blog posts.

Getting more engagement on your blog posts is the name of the game.

Getting engagement means better SEO, more social sharing and more links to your blog.

Getting more people to your blog equals financial success.

  1. Be Useful. Giving useful information will attract people to your blog again and again. It will brand you as an authority in your niche. Think about what your avatar needs and supply it.
  2. Be Generous. Make sure you give credit where credit is due. If you borrow someone’s idea, give them credit for it. Promote others and they will be more likely to promote you. Doing interviews with others in your niche will help you as much as it will help them. Their followers will start to take notice of you.
  3. Be Entertaining. Nothing is worse than someone who’s always giving out technical information and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong. Technical information is great but you want to keep your audience awake. Be a story teller. Add a little satire or humor. Do memes and parodies. This kind of information gets shared.
  4. Be Timely. Make sure your information is up to date and keep track of new trends and information in your niche.
  5. Be Human. Some of the best and most shared information is simply inspiring. Everyone loves to hear success stories. Be aware of holidays and seasons that are important to people. Be sympathetic to the poor Seahawks fans. Rant about things once in a while. Talk about things that go on behind the scenes.
  6. Be Promotional. Compare what you’ve got with what everyone else offers. Showcase your successes. Product tips are always welcome.
  7. Be Controversial. You might want to be a little careful with this one. Done right a little controversy or even an attack post can be interesting to your blog readers.
  8. Be Engaging. Ask questions that require your readers to think and reply. Give them a challenge. Do a contest or offer a freebie. These types of blog content are something that people love.

You can put your content in several formats and you should mix it up so people have some things to choose from. But if they are used to getting a regular podcast or video, make sure you do them regularly.

People always love something to look at. Be sure to include pictures and video in your content.

I hope you’ve found this useful to spice up your blog. (Thanks to Digital Marketer for this idea)

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