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10 Advantages Of A Home Business

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10 Advantages Of A Home Business

10 Advantages of a home business

Thousands of people each day are looking for home business ideas.

There are Baby Boomers just reaching retirement who are not ready to quit yet or who might need a little something to supplement their fixed retirement income.

There are also single moms who are struggling to make a living to support their children. We all know how hard it is to make it when two parents are working. Think about how difficult it is for a single parent.

There are people who are sick of their jobs and feel they aren’t paid what they are really worth. Or maybe they have an employer who sucks.

Few people have wages that have kept up with inflation. The middle class has slipped lower.

So more and more people are looking for home business opportunities and work from home ideas.

Fortunately there are home business ideas with low startup costs.

There are thousands of small business ideas for an emerging entrepreneur.

More and more people are turning to Network Marketing, sometimes called MLM or Multi-level Marketing or direct sales.

Its advantages are numerous.

  1. Low startup costs
  2. Ready Made Products to sell
  3. Drop shipping from the company to customers
  4. Recruiting other distributors can increase your income exponentially
  5. Low time commitment
  6. Company support and training is usually very good
  7. Most can be promoted on the internet
  8. Low risk
  9. Low operating costs
  10. Business is easily portable. You can do it anywhere.

There are some disadvantages but most can be overcome.

  1. Sustaining a large network of distributors is full-time work. (You need to motivate and train your downline)
  2. The dropout rate is high. (You will need to continually recruit to maintain a downline)
  3. Many people’s perception of the business is that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme. (A common misconception)
  4. There is a high failure rate for new Network Marketing companies. Some have been around for many years and are well established but many “ground floor” opportunities crash and burn within the first couple of years.
  5. The old “make a list of your friends” model doesn’t work well any more. More and more networkers are turning to internet marketing to grow their business.

Fortunately, there are some excellent tools and training for Network Marketers. Some of the best training can be found in one place.

The highest paid networkers build their businesses by marketing online.

But where do you get online marketing ideas? Where do you get the training you need?

If you’re lucky enough, you have a savvy upline that provides training and support but most people don’t.

So you get left with little personal help unless you know where to look.

There are a bunch of internet videos that provide a great deal of information but there’s so much and not all of it’s good.

There is one place that has consistently produced top marketers in almost every niche, MLM, affiliate sales and internet marketing.

That place is My Lead System Pro.

I discovered MLSP a few years ago and have received enough training that in a university, would have given me a Ph.D.

Now it’s even better with more tools and training for any home business or internet business.

If you want to see what MLSP has to offer, CLICK HERE. Listen to a guy who fired his boss.

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